Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are a beautiful way to celebrate the birth of a new family member. 

These ceremonies can include both secular and religious elements as desired by the family. 


Naming ceremonies are a great option for families wishing to formally welcome a child into the world. They are also an opportunity to select guardians or godparents, for families who do not have any religious affiliations. 


Ceremonies can be as simple or a formal as your family wishes. 


This package includes


- Full consultation and preparation of the ceremony. 

- Stylised decorations to use at the ceremony. 

- The use of a PA system & wireless microphone as required. 

- The use of a speaker to play music during the ceremony as required. 

- Two meetings with myself in the lead up to the ceremony.  

- A dress rehearsal for the ceremony if desired. 

- The gift of a personalised album containing the ceremony in full, to keep as a memento of your special day. 


Also included in this package:


- Sample Blessings

- Sample Readings 

- Sample Rituals





Each ceremony is fully tailored to suit your specific needs. Please contact me for a quote via the FAQ page.