Readings, Rituals & Ceremony Options

Readings and rituals are a great way to personalise your ceremony. There are a huge number of options available, and each can be tailored to suit your particular wishes. There are both religious and secular options available. Some of the most popular options are listed below, however if you would like to see more options, please contact me via the contact page. 

Ring Vows & Personal Vows

Australian law requires you to perform speific vows during your wedding ceremony.

Most couples also prefer to take part in the exchanging of wedding rings or gifts as a part of their ceremony. These vows can be written wholy by you, or you can chose from a number of beautiful vows that will be provided to you as part of your wedding package. 


Readings & Blessings


Readings and Blessings are a beautiful way to involve friends and family in your wedding or commitment ceremony. They are a beautiful way to express the hopes and wishes of any couple as they move forward together with this new commitment. There are many to choose from, and they can cover any emotion or sentiment. These readings can be short or long, solemn or humerous, and are often full of advice for the couple. I have a large selection of readings, both secular and non-secular, which are placed at your disposal as part of your ceremony package. You can also choose a reading or blessing of your own. 


Sand Ceremony


Sand ceremonies are a joining ceremony, which represent the union of two people. They are often used by couples to represent the joining of two families. This is a beautiful option for people who are marrying for the second time, or who have children from previous reltaionships. Each person has a jar filled with a coloured sand. They pour each jar into a new larger vessel, and as the colour mix, they become inseparable, they form a new colour, just as the couple are forming a new family. This can also be an excellent way to involve younger children in a ceremony. 


Warming of the Rings


Warming of the rings is a ceremony which is seen many cultures. It is a great ritual to use if you would like to involve family members in your ceremony. The wedding rings are passed around from person to person, while a reading or blessing is read. As each person handles the rings, they add their blessings and good wishes to the couple. The couple then carry these blessings forward with them as they wear their wedding rings. 


Family Ceremonies & Other Options


There are many ceremonies which can be used to involve family members in you civil ceremony. They are too numerous to list on this site, so if you would like to know more, please get in contact via the contact page. A detailed list of ritual and ceremony options are provided to you as part of your ceremony package.